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Anna Mitchell-Hedges always maintained that she found the Crystal Skull among the Mayan ruins in Lubantuun, Belize at that time, British Honduras on January 1st,but nothing was known of this artifact until The F. Mitchell-Hedges skull has one peculiarity: the jaw of the artifact is mobile, and was found at the same site a short while after crystal skull dating main part. In theory, based on where it was found, the Crystal Skull is probably a Mayan artifact dating back to 1, BC. Ever since it first came to light it has been surrounded by speculation, and many theories have been proposed as to its true origin. Many experts have attributed it to civilizations even older than the Maya, maybe even Altantis, and long-since disappeared into the mists of time, whilst other theories consider it to be handed down from an alien civilization. Bill Homann repeatedly said that it is impossible to formulate a precise theory supported by scientific data, because it is impossible to date the object.

The British Museum skull and the Paris skull were also likely carved from Brazilian crystal. Researchers at the British Museum also believe that most crystal skulls were carved in Germany, where large quantities of Brazilian crystal was imported and worked in the late 19 th century. Whether he knew that they were crystal skull dating or not is a matter of debate [source: Henderson ]. As for how the skulls were made, the Department of Scientific Research at the British Museum concluded that its skull:. InJane Walsh, an anthropologist at the Smithsonian, took the Smithsonian's crystal skull to be tested at the British Museum with an electron-scanning microscope. Rather than showing the uneven scratches that one would expect from an object carved with pre-Columbian tools, all of the crystal skulls showed clean rows in arcs that would have been made by modern wheeled tools. Walsh states, "all of the crystal skulls had been carved with modern coated lapidary wheels using industrial diamonds and polished with modern machinery" [source: Inside Smithsonian Research ]. Attempts to test the Mitchell-Hedges skull further have been refused.

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Youtube The legend of the crystal skulls started with the Mitchell-Hedges Skull, a. InBritish adventurer Frederick Mitchell-Hedges led an expedition to Lubaantun, an ancient Mayan city deep within the Yucatan jungle in modern-day Belize. Crystal skull dating inside a Mayan pyramid, his adopted daughter, Anna, found one of the most mysterious objects in archaeology: a crystal skull fashioned out of a single solid piece of clear quartz. Since the discovery of the Mitchell-Hedges skull, as it is called, an origin story of supernatural powers and legendary civilizations has developed. But can any of these legends be trusted? The Mitchell-Hedges skull is one of a handful of true crystal skulls in either a private or a public collection. All are varied in size and carved from either clear, cloudy, or colored quartz. But none of the crystal skulls have captured the popular imagination quite like the Mitchell-Hedges skull. Frederick Mitchell-Hedges, who was known to embellish his adventures, wrote of the skull in his memoir Danger My Ally and claimed it was a relic of the Mayans.

Although these allegedly magical artifacts raised suspicion among historians and archaeologists for almost a century, they remained in museum collections. However, in one notable example, The Smithsonian Skull, was donated anonymously to the British Museum, and this event finally moved American and British archaeologists to begin research that led to the debunking of these mysterious artifacts. Though the Smithsonian Skull was donated anonymously, many other similar crystal skulls were traced back to the 19th century French antiquity dealer, Eugene Boban. Boban had sold the skulls to art dealers claiming they were ancient aztec artifacts, exploiting the imagination of the ignorant buyers. As research on these skulls commenced, the initial evidence of falsification was the crystal skull dating that the Smithsonian skull had come from an undocumented site. Furthermore, as crystal can not be carbon dated, no absolute dating method had ever been used to test the authenticity of the skulls. However, archaeologists used relative dating to compare the style of real Aztec skull symbolism to the crystal skulls, and a discrepancy was found in representation of teeth. In the crystal skulls, teeth had been created in linear, symmetrical rows — unlike the more natural pattern of the Aztec designs.

All rights reserved. The famed crystal skulls of ancient Mesoamerica have been a source of mystery and controversy for decades. The handful of known skulls have defied even the most advanced scientific efforts to determine who made them, when, and most puzzling, how. This specimen, owned by the British Museum in London, was originally thought to have been made by the Aztec of Mexico but was later determined to be a fake.
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