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Good communication and healthy ways to resolve conflicts can strengthen the bond and deepen the love between you. Being supportive is a loving gesture that will help your mate and his child during difficult times. As opposed to thinking he is a coward for not handling their disputes differently, try to support his actions and assure him that things will eventually get better. If you resist the urge to take some of his challenges personally, it will help you be supportive of and loving toward your mate. If you have to speak with your mate about what's bothering you, be sure to approach him when you are calm, and to use healthy conflict resolution techniques -- such as active listening and avoiding behaviors that make things worse -- to resolve the issue. If you are baby mama dating sure, write out a list of pros and cons that exist within your relationship.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many single mothers lately? The answer is simple - modernity. Modernity came at quite a cost - it has destroyed the moral fabric of love and then it brought about the whole notion of equality. Then all of a sudden women started believing that they could be men. Believing that baby mama dating could go through raising a child without a father, women started acting like the men in relationships.

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Some men make crazy assumptions about dating a woman with kids. They assume baby mama dating desperate for a daddy for her children. They think she's trying to drain their financial resources. So let's bust some tired-ass stereotypes and share 7 things people need to know about dating a baby mama:. There's this crazy thing that happens to women who have children : men and, frankly, the world at large stop viewing them as sexual beings worthy of adoration. This is crazy. Just because a woman has a kid or two, or three, or four that's doesn't make her any less sexy. Culturally, we want these women to stay in the kitchen, bemoaning their fates and making apple pies whose crusts are salted with their tears. A woman doesn't magically become undesirable because it once gestated a new life.

Maybe along the way, down the road, that passion will die down and turn into compassionate love. But that fire, the one that started the moment we locked eyes on our first date, that fire will still me smoldering in the depths of our hearts. My husband and I began dating when I was 17 and he was 19, and we dated for five years before we were married just five weeks ago.

We said that we loved each other after one week of dating all those years ago. A part of me understood that my loving him was a commitment. We went through many struggles as a couple, from being thousands of miles apart to the death of a parent, and I remember during the struggle even as a high school student making the choice to stay with him, to support him and love him, even though doing so made my life more difficult, more complicated, because of that decision.

I knew that the sacrifice I made was worth it because, well, loving another person is always worth the struggle.

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